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Looking back at 2016 with our Boxer show team Glenauld The Entertainer JW winning 5 BPIB. He finished his short Puppy career by winning BPIB Crufts and ending up the year by winning Our Dogs Top Puppy.

He also won his first CC, Res BIS & BPIS at The Anglian BC, Puppy Group 2 Boston & Puppy Group 3 Manchester. Between Junior & Yearling he has won 17 classes picking up 3 Res CC. Robbie is also National Adult Dog Points winner and passed his Bronze and Silver Good Citizen.


2016 has been a very successful year for our Bostons Ch Glenauld Nevada JW Top CC winning Boston and ended the year being Top Boston Terrier Annual points winner.

We are proud to say that this is the third year in succession we have been OUR DOGS TOP BREEDERS !
Thank you to all the judges.

Glenauld The Entertainer JW

and pictured below: Our other youngsters

Ch Glenauld Nevada

Ch Vandenrob Nina Roche at Glenauld JW
completed her title in four weeks still a Junior. Nina also created a bit of history by winning the first Junior Group at Blackpool. She has also 2 Res CC, 2 BOB & Res BIS.

His sister Glenauld Gabriella came fifth in the Annual points table. Winning her first CC at The Northern Boston Terrier Club bringing her tally to 1 CC & 4 Res CC. Their mother Sunkap Swarovski at Glenauld has won
Dog World TOP DAM.

Glenauld Tasmin JW (23 mnth) has won 6 Res CC, her Junior Warrant, shortlisted on several occasions & qualified for the Cotswold DOY. Ch Glenauld Jackie'O who was lightly shown this year has now 5 CC & 5 Res CC.
Glenauld Trudy has been consistently placed in PG winning her way now up into Limit. Glenauld Olly Murs won a Res CC at Boston Terrier Club of Scotland. He has won 11 classes this year and been shortlisted on several occasions and now moves up into Limit.

Glenauld The Optimist competed lightly this year in PG winning the Res CC at NW&PB & shortlisted on several occasions.

Glenauld Tandy the baby of the Team has gained enough points to qualify for the Mancunian Pup of the Year.

Glenauld Doris Day won 3 BPIB and a Res CC at the Northern BT Club. She was also shortlisted in the Puppy Group at BUBA.

Thank you to all the Boxer and Boston judges concerned.

Ch Carmond Gerry Weber at Glenauld JW who made his first appearance in November when he became a Veteran won VD and Res CC at LKA. Her brother Glenauld Nashville from five outings has won 4 firsts and a second. Both sired by Ch Nevada.


Ch. Carmond Gerry Weber
At Glenauld
winning 5 CCs, 1 RCC and
3 BOB this year

Ch. Glenauld The Oracle JW gaining his 3rd CC from
Judge Fearn Pynegar — he is our 16th Boxer Champion
9 CCs, 6 RCCs
2 x Group 3




Cotswold Boxer Club Ch Show
BIS Glenauld The Oracle JW
Judge Keith Baldwin and referee Pam Broughton

Merseyside Boxer Club Open Show
BIS Carmondene Eureka at Glenauld JW
Judge Roberta Wright (Satrebor)
Merseyside Boxer Club Open Show
BPIS Glenauld Tempest
Judge Roberta Wright (Satrebor)
Merseyside Boxer Club Puppy Stakes
BSPIS Glenauld Tempest
Judge Charlotte Crooks (Roylark)
Belfast Ch Show
Ch Carmond Gerry Weber at Glenauld JW
DCC & BOB - Judge Sandra Carter (Susancar)
Glenauld Let it Rock JW BPIB
WPG 3 Judge Robin Newhouse

Irish Boxer Club Ch Show
Ch Star Attraction at Glenauld JW -
DCC & Best Opposite Sex -
Judge Frank Kane

Glenauld Let it Rock JW BPIS

Alice winning her 4th CC at British Boxer Club Ch Show
Aug 13 under Christina Chapman and RBIS in agreement with co-judge Paul Russell
Ch. Glenauld Naughty Alice winning her 3rd CC at Border Union under Steve McArdle
Ch Carmond Gerry Weber at Glenauld JW winning his 7th CC and BOB under Mrs Sue Pollock-Yule at Leeds Ch Show. He was shortlisted in the Group to final six under Mr Robin Searle

Glenauld Let it Rock
Ch Carmond Gerry Weber at Glenauld JW
winning his 6th CC and Reserve BIS at
Mancunian Boxer Club Ch Show 7th April 13
Glenauld The Oracle JW won a strong
Post Graduate Dog Class.
Glenauld Evissa JW was 2nd in good
Post Graduate Bitch Class
Our two puppies Glenauld French Spice & Glenauld Let it Rock made their debuts
and both won 3rd in large Minor Puppy dog & bitch classes and qualified for Crufts.
Thank you to the two Breed specialist Judges Dogs Mrs Wendy Barrow
Bitches Mrs Edna Woods.
Ch Glenauld Gianfranco JW
winning his 6th CC & BOB at LKA
under Mr Derek Smith (Clickham)
Ch Carmond Gerry Weber at Glenauld JW
winning his 5th CC at Manchester Ch Show 2013 under Mrs Wendy Brooks (Jinnybrux)
Ch Glenauld Gianfranco JW winning his 4th CC & RBIS at Northern BT Ch Show under Mr Frank Wildman. (Wildax)
Ch Glenauld Gianfranco JW winning his 5th CC at Midland Counties Ch Show
under David Strachan (Australia)
Ch Glenauld Tommy Girl winning her 7th CC at SWCBC from Keith Jump
Glenauld Naughty Alice winning her 2nd CC at L&HCBC from Greg Dowell
Ch Glenauld Gianfranco 3rd CC and BOB at Richmond Championship Show Judge Mr Tim Jones
Glenauld Naughty Alice winning her 1st CC at Driffield from Frank Wildman

 Leeds CH Show where in an entry of 164 (highest in the Working Group) under Mr Terry Donovan CH Carmond Gerry Weber at Glenauld JW won Open Dog CC & BOB then to top it all Working Group 3 under Mrs Margaret Wildman

Birmingham City -  Glenauld Naughty Alice won a strong Junior Bitch class then went on to win Res Bitch CC, judge for the day Margaret Wildman (Wildax)



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